When End Stream is Selected for Youtube the Stream Doesnt Stop

When we end a youtube stream and push End Stream the unit says the stream has ended but youtube shows otherwise. We have been having to login to youtube via a desktop/laptop interface to select Stop Stream from Youtube Studio. Is there something we are missing or is this a known issue? Thank you and either way we love our Webcasters.

Youtube has been making changes to its platform in 2020, removing and changing certain features. As an example, persistent stream keys have been removed, and typically requires that you push as stream to Youtube but still need to physically start the stream once the encoder reaches Youtube Dashboard.
Youtube’s stream should stop once it stops receiving encoder information, but it’s possible that changes have been made recently that require the stop from the platform. It’s also possible that perhaps there is a low-level glitch with your Youtube account that could be preventing the stream from correctly ending.
You may need to reach out to Youtube to investigate your account a little deeper