What cameras do you use with Pearl-2

One of the most common questions I get about Pearl-2, is which camera(s) to use with it.

I think this is a great place we can all help eachother out! Share the kinds of cameras that you use. HDMI, SDI, USB, let’s hear them all!

Here in our studio, we use a Canon C100 and a Sony α6300. I’ve also personally used our LUMiO 12x (no surprise there!), and a Panasonic GH4.

Our α6300 sometimes has the tendency to fall asleep after a few hours and the GH4 needs some tweaks for getting 4K output from it. I wrote a How To article that explains how to do that.

Let’s hear about the cameras you use with Pearl-2!

We did a project with 2 x Sony FS7s. Used SDI for both cameras, worked great.

3 X Panasonic GH5! Great cameras for live streaming.

I tried to use the Sony a7III but it overheats usually 10mins before the end of the webcast which are 1-1.5 hours.
I tested with the LCD display off or popped out but it still happens.
A dummy battert/ AC adapter would probably help but I was told there is none available for this model.

The Sony camcorder Z150 works good but you can’t record to SD in 4k as well as output to HDMI and LCD display. Not a big deal most of the time as we can just reduce the resolution or record with other devices.