Webcaster X2 - YouTube Live NO DATA

So YouTube has made changes where providing one’s webcaster x2 device code is insufficient now.
-How is one add a stream key and stream url that must now be entered, but where?
-And then, I understand there is a way I can use the same stream key for the season but I don’t know how and I have 70 subscribers, (less than 100 for url).
-And last, I am going to film two different lacrosse teams, on two seperate Google/YouTube accounts but I will use the same encoder to film and stream live both teams on different days. HELP!! thanks,


Hi Tony,

I just tested a Webcaster X2 here now, and nothing appears to have changed at all. It works with a pairing code just as it did previously.

For your other questions, the Webcaster X2 uses the YouTube API so there is no way to enter a stream key or stream url.

Thank you! What the heck might I be doing wrong? It keeps offering the stream key and no signal shows up on YouTube but on my screen for my Webcaster I see video just not on YouTube like I used to. May I enter the Webcaster pairing code with two different YouTube sites? (Completely separate accounts)

If I use YouTube’s original tool for streaming it works but it does not appear to work with the new live control room which is going to replace the current live stream tool. I have to know how to make it work with the new live stream tool which expects me to enter a code in the software not pairing. Thoughts?


Right, the new live control room doesn’t work with devices using the YouTube API (at least not at this time). You do need to use the Creator Studio Classic for the Webcaster X2. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can alter on our side, it is up to YouTube to add in this functionality. Hopefully this is something they do soon!

Thanks for the info as it has been quite helpful. I am concerned as YouTube clearly intends to do away with Classic and it seems like this may occur in the near future.
Are you aware of any plans or assurances by YouTube to create the protocol to avoid our collective Webcaster’s losing 1/2 of their functionality and in terms of my needs, become 100% brick, should they choose not to? Thanks Again for your info.

Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t share their internal plans with us regarding this. However I suspect that the Classic version will remain until they decide to support their API in the new version.

l am using the device and it is working fine. I understand, but as a company you are selling the webcaster2 and still advertising it is as compatible and specifically designed for functionality with YouTube & Facebook. I only do live feeds to YouTube. What are you as a company doing to resolve a major problem to a device you still sell as a solution for encoder needs to stream to YouTube which, by the way, is now saying the ‘classic’ studio is ending this month. Surely your company must be communicating with YouTube? How about a firmware update? As customers who must now consider replacing your device I am seeking to understand your level of commitment towards ensuring your product remains functional without interruption to stream to YouTube as advertised. I want you to be be successful, please share with me your progress.

@AdamFrame I apologize for cutting into this discussion. My Webaster x2 just arrived yesterday; I seem to have exactly the same problem as Tony.

When I set the destination to Stream NOW, everything works fine. But when I set to stream to a pre-setup event, 2 major problems 1. the device continuously complaints about internet speed and 2. no video is seen at YouTube.

if indeed this is due to the new studio; I now no longer see an option to return to the classic interface. What do I do?

Thank you in advance.

Hmm, if the unit shows it is streaming it should indeed be streaming. But you will need to start the event still on YouTube itself by default. If you go back to the event after you start streaming on the Webcaster X2 you should be able to preview it and then start the stream on YouTube.

For the complaints about internet speed would just be an issue getting the data to YouTube. So something in between is the issue: network, firewall, internet connection, etc. First if you are on wifi I would suggest going to ethernet instead to see if this helps.

Just spent a few hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t go live, look like YT have killed off the classic studio meaning this device isn’t currently comparable with YT.

Not sure what all of the angst is about. I have been streaming live to YouTube events with my Webcaster X2 daily for the past two weeks. I am familiar with the old Creator Studio Classic, but am presently using the current YouTube Studio.
In YouTube Studio, schedule a live event. When ready, hit the Create button and select Live. The Live interface should start, with the option to go to your scheduled event. Once you’ve opened your scheduled event, hit Start on your WX2. Use the Go Live button in the upper right hand corner of YouTube Studio to, well, Go Live. That button will change to End Stream, which you will hit when you want to, well, End your Stream.
Here to help. Reply with questions.
Hang in there! The world needs livestream creators right now!

Thank you for letting us know it’s still working. I just ordered my x2, getting it this week for YouTube live streaming. I am aware that the unit is no longer being manufactured but it seems like the most user friendly box out there. Good to know that it works with me Nee YouTube Studio.

Doing it this way is working fine on my end in my office. I am guessing there is no way around my following issue besides bringing a laptop: Tomorrow I have a live streaming graveside funeral service. I have the battery for my X2 and a hotspot. Again, all fine in the kitchen LOL. But since I must hit Go Live from a remote location, I will also need to bring my laptop correct? Did it work differently in the past?

If you are setting up an event in YouTube for this then there is an option to start automatically when data is received. This is on the “Advanced settings” tab


Automatically start the event when you start sending data

If you enable that setting, then the event will start as soon as you start on the Webcaster.

Thank you Adam, it took me a handful of menus to find it LOL, but I found it. I could only access from Legacy Editor.

Ah fair point, I should have mentioned, I still am only using the classic interface myself as currently it seems to still be superior.

I am having the same issues with YouTube. I was using Classic streaming with no problem for a long time. Now that it is gone, I can’t get it to work using the Live stream control room.
Webcaster X2 says its paired to YouTube and streaming but nothing shows up on the preview window on the stream tab of the Live control room. The last stream showed up on live content tab on the dashboard even though I couldn’t see it while streaming, however my current stream is not up there.
I have unpaired and re-paired the webcaster but this has no effect.
I have followed str82vdo’s instructions (earlier answer on this thread) but it does nothing for me.
This is supposed to be an approved YouTube device.
I am at a total loss.

Unfortunately, Youtube has made a lot of changes to their platform and policies as a result of the pandemic. As the new studio migration has taken place, the classic stream-now option has been removed completely. This does unfortunately mean that moving forward in order to have successful streams from Webcaster X2 you will need to create streaming events and then from the Webcaster x2, navigate to the preferences menu under “Publish Destination” and select the event you create.

Thank you for the assistance.
I wish this information was posted on your website. It would have prevented a lot of angst.