Webcaster X2 will not stay paired to FaceBook

We are a Church fixed location and once we pair, we want to keep paired, even if the Webcaster reboots.

This doesn’t happen now. We are constantly asked to re-pair. Can this be fixed?

In addition, we would like the destination to remain fixed. We have had it set to post to our Church’s page, but the last time, it defaulted to the personal timeline which is not what we wanted, and the technician didn’t catch it. He stated he didn’t change anything.

If we are missing something, please let us know, but we need some permanence and stability in the settings.


I would recommend doing a factory reset of the unit and then run through the pairing process again. Ensure the pair “automatically after reboot” is selected and ensure you have the correct publish destination.

To do a factory reset, with a mouse and monitor connected to the X2, go to Settings, Backup and Reset, Factory Default, Reset, Erase Everything, Reset.
Once the unit is fully booted, run through the standard pairing process.

I will try the factory reset and report back on the results.


Gayle Snedecor

I’m having this exact same issue. Please let me know if the reset works.

Resetting fixed my issue!