Webcaster X2 will not boot

My Webcaster X2 will not boot. The green light will blink and it will display booting, but will never boot. Eventually, the booting display and the green light will go away.

Sorry to hear you are running into this issue. Have you tried the factory reset available via the recovery button? To do this disconnect power and have a USB keyboard connected, then you can press and hold the recovery button with a pin, keep this held down and connect power to the unit. Once the green LED turns on you can release the recovery button, it will take a minute but the unit will boot to a screen where you can select "wipe data" and "wipe cache", then afterwards select "reboot system now" this will reset everything and hopefully allow the unit to boot back up properly.

Hey Adam,

I did try that on Saturday, with exception of the “wipe cache”, which I did right after I received your message. Unfortunately, that did not work either. In the interim, I submitted a RMA, which is being processed as I type. I loved this unit! It was an answered prayer and a low-cost solution.

Thanks again for the assistance.



P.S. Stay safe!

Ah sorry to hear that didn’t help, but we will certainly help with an RMA! Glad to hear you’ve liked the unit other than this issue you ran into.