Webcaster X2 vs. AV.io HD via USB 3.0

Been streaming to YouTube with my Webcaster X2 for a while now. I use the Program output from an ATEM Television Studio HD (via an SDI to HDMI converter) to send 1080p60fps (59.94 for you sticklers) to the Webcaster X2. The Webcaster X2 of course is only outputting 30fps. I have the upload bandwidth to go the full 8 Mbps bitrate.
I also have an AV.io HD capture card. My question is, would I be able to get better video quality on YouTube by using the USB 3.0 output of the AV.io HD directly to a PC running the YouTube Studio?

The AV.io HD would let you do 1080p 60fps. So yes after a fashion as you would have a higher framerate, but the quality itself would be about the same.