Webcaster X2 Upgrade

I am just wondering if epiphan has given up on the Webcaster X2 because of the Pearl Mini and the PEARL 2. I would hope they would not stop looking to make the WebcasterX2 better even the open micro SD slot to be able to record or bring in photos because everyone cannot afford the pearl 2 or pearl mini or want to upgrade. I got this three years ago to use it for a while and not as a jump to the next product.

Love to hear if epiphan has any plan for Webcaster X2. I got mine for more than a month now. Despite the trouble in late Feb with Facebook Live, everything work as it supposed to, which is great. All kinds of streaming is in high demand due the coronavirus situation. Webcaster X2 could be a great upsell opportunity if epiphan keep the Webcaster X2 happy with new features and add-on.