Webcaster X2 titles and overlays in standalone youtube mode

I plan to use this to stream baseball games live to YouTube from a GoPro Hero 7 using a mobile hotspot. Are options in YouTube standalone mode for Titles, logo graphics and overlays with this configuration? Also I only saw the GoPro Hero3 on the list of cameras. Does the Hero 7 work well with Webcaster X2.


Youtube does not have a native way to overlay logos/graphics on the fly during a live stream, and neither does the Webcaster itself. That would need to come from an external system in front of the Webcaster input. A few customers have recently experimented with HDMI switchers that have some basic functions, allowing them to change between cameras and overlay and image.
Although we do not recommend the Hero7, it does work. I would suggest using another model if you have the option. the Hero7 is know to have some EDID issues with many devices, as a result we do not recommend it. 6’s and older are good, we have not tested the new 8’s.