Webcaster X2 not streaming to Facebook

Is anybody else’s Webcaster X2 refusing to stream to Facebook this morning. Mine is spitting out an “error #100” message, and no stream :disappointed: It was working fine a couple of days ago. I suspect Facebook has done something to break Epiphan’s code, in which case a firmware update is needed pronto!

Sorry to see you’re having issues with Webcaster X2!

Typically, error code 100 refers to some sort of permissions issue. I would recommend verifying first and foremost that you are on the most recent available firmware (which as of Nov 2019 is still version 2.23.197338) If you are running an older firmware version it’s more likely that your X2 is still attempting to stream with the no longer supported RTMP format.

You can verify which firmware version X2 is using with a connecting HDMI display and USB mouse to access the local UI, verify to see if there is an “update available” listed at the top. You can also click on the red icon at the top right of the UI which will take you to the app selection page. Along the bottom it will list the current installed version. If your verison is the current 2.23, then we need to consider it being permissions related.

You will need to go to Facebook, go to Settings, Business integration, delete the Webcaster X2 application from the business integration page. Once the device has been completely unpaired, I would recommend rebooting your X2 and then you can go through the initial pairing process again.

After entering the pairing code at facebook.com/device there will be popups you must accept. On the first popup you MUST have the privacy settings set to PUBLIC. The default with your account might be set to “friends only.” You will then need to ensure you press OK to allow and accept streaming to Pages and Groups that you manage.

Once the pairing process is complete you should have access to those pages under Publish Destinations on Webcaster X2 as well as be able to stream. If you do not see your pages or groups and still receive some sort of error code, please email info@epiphan.com for further troubleshooting

Did those things, and it still spits out the #100 error code.

If there are network restrictions or a firewall on the network blocking port 443 that could certainly prevent Webcaster X2 from reaching Facebook

I’ll look into that, but I’ve not touched anything on our network and it always worked before. I’ve also used the Webcaster X2 while tapping into a wifi hotspot running off my phone. So I’ll eliminate my building’s internal network from the question entirely by seeing if ithe unit connects via my phone data plan/hotspot. If that doesn’t work, we’ll know it’s not the network.

FYI, I resolved this issue by doing a factory reset. That tells me it’s a software issue inherent to the firmware, triggered by a bug involving a mysterious set of circumstances I may or may not run across again… A little frightening when I rely on this device in the field on a mission-critical basis. I worry that my next trip into the field will be the one in which the machine returns to the error #100 bug … there aren’t always opportunities to do a factory reset in the circumstances in which I operate.