Webcaster X2 Incompatible with new YouTube Live Control Room?

YouTube has finally disabled Creator Studio Classic, and it seems Webcaster X2 is no longer compatible with the new YouTube Live Control Room. Now when I click on “go live” in the YouTube interface, it leads me to a window asking me to copy a stream key to my software encoder. The Webcaster X2 is a hardware encoder and doesn’t have the capability for me to paste a stream key into it.

Any solutions short of purchasing a newer setup?

Unfortunately, Youtube has made a lot of changes to their platform and policies as a result of the pandemic. As the new studio migration has taken place, the classic stream-now option has been removed completely. This does unfortunately mean that moving forward in order to have successful streams from Webcaster X2 you will need to create streaming events and then from the Webcaster x2, navigate to the preferences menu under “Publish Destination” and select the event you create.