Webcaster X2 gets disconnected from YouTube every week

My X2 gets disconnected from Youtube at least once a week. The message says that the device got disconnected remotely, expired. I have to enter device code again. I usually stream to “Stream Now”. I could not locate a “timeout” setting in X2 or Youtube account. It seems keeping X2 powered On at all times helps to keep it connected longer but I don’t really want to have it On 24/7. Any suggestions?

Youtube pairing codes automatically expire after 6 days. There is unfortunately no way to override this. You could enable the “automatically log-in after power up.” This option can be found under Preferences when you have a mouse and monitor connected to Webcaster X2. With this feature enabled, you can power off your Webcaster X2 when finished, and the next time you boot your unit it should automatically pair to your account.

I use to have this same issue. I was powering down the webcaster by holding the power button. Once I read that you could power off by unplugging it, I plugged it into a master switch that I flip to shut off most of our video equipment. For about 6 months now, I have only had to repair with YouTube once. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give them a try.