Webcaster X2 firmware 2.8 available

Firmware 2.8 now available!

We’re happy to announce the release of firmware upgrade 2.8 for Webcaster X2.

This firmware includes the following improvements for Webcaster X2:

  • Streaming to Facebook Live at 1080p*
  • Better compatibility with PAL cameras at 25 and 50 fps

*Note that we have implemented the new API published by Facebook to allow streaming at 1080p; however, as of today Facebook restricts watching to a maximum of 720p.

To check for and install a firmware update you need the following connected to your Webcaster X2:

  1. An HDMI display that supports 1080p video
  2. A USB mouse

Note that Webcaster X2 must be connected to the Internet to find and download firmware updates.

Click here for more information on installing Webcaster X2 updates.

Thank you for choosing Epiphan!

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