Webcaster X2 "device is offline" but is online

Our Webcaster X2 works well, streaming to Youtube. However, today, we started seeing “device is offline” messages. They would appear every few minutes, last a few minutes, and then the message would go away. During the entire time, the Webcaster was successfully streaming (we were watching it on Youtube and there were no interruptions in the stream). How do we fix this?

I am having the same thing streaming to Facebook. Before I go live, the “Device is Offline” message pops up every few minutes, sometimes lasting a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds. Going live had the same experience. No drop in the stream, just the notification coming up that the Device was offline. Is there a firmware update available to correct this? Not good for my blood pressure!

I am having the same problem…“Device is offline” display at random but the streaming is good!

Did you ever get a fix for Device Offline issue?

If Webcaster X2 is stating that it is “offline” but actively streaming, this typically means that there are multiple split-second network interruptions, or interference. The result is that an “offline” notification is thrown, but the outage is so short that the stream does not fail. This can be especially prominent with Wifi networks, however if you’re using Ethernet, it can either mean that you’re on the upper-end of available network bandwidth or something is throttling the connection such as a firewall or an ISP related issue.

I had the same problem over and over during Live Streaming on Facebook. The problem was resolved after I replaced our 10 100 ethernet switch with an 8 channel gigabyte switch.