Webcaster x2 and posting livestream to Facebook #200 error

My church has been using Epiphan Webcaster x2 in the past few years to help livestream our church services to Facebook. Something has happened to it and it will no longer work. I have changed all of the settings to public when I pair, I have removed and re-paired Epiphan to Facebook, and tried everything I can possibly think of. The livestream will work on my timeline, but not when posting to a page.

I have tried with a different test page and I get the same results. I have reset to factory settings (I think), plugged and unplugged, etc. I have even searched online and here to see if I can find anything that will work. I keep getting the message " (#200) App needs permission scopes (PAGES_READ_ENGAGEMENT, PAGE_MANAGE_POSTS) to create live video on behalf of user "

Please help.


Thanks for posting about this issue, unfortunately it appears that Facebook has recently made a change to their platform which breaks compatibility with Webcaster X2 when streaming to Pages specifically.

Streaming to Groups or Timeline still works, but Pages no longer seem to function.

As Facebook and other streaming destinations such as Youtube etc. make changes to their platform it’s entirely possible this will result in increased loss of functionality in the future. Unfortunately due to the End of Life status of the Webcaster X2 (March, 2020) there will be no further updates available and these issues will likely not be resolved.

Our Pearl Nano encoder is the next available replacement for the Webcaster, it’s considerably more capable and isn’t affected by platform changes like Webcaster was due to its RTMP support (as well as newer protocols being added all the time).

Sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.


  • Adam

July 18, 2022

It has been brought to our attention that the Webcaster X2 may be able still stream to Facebook Pages if the Facebook account the Webcaster X2 is paired to is in an Editor Role for the publishing destination selected. For all other roles like Admin and Moderator, streaming is no longer possible.

You can add an Editor to your Facebook page by going to Page Settings -> Page Roles, then specify an account to be an Editor.

This appears to be a viable workaround going forward.

I tried that and its still not working. I can’t stream live on the page.