WebCaster X@ Streaming challenges (you-tube & Facebook)

I will appreciate assistance relating to webcaster X2. I recently started encountering some challenges. The webcaster will be streaming, that is the green blinking light, but the video is not showing on Facebook. I have tried both Facebook and youtube and I have the same problem. I have checked settings on both Facebook and youtube and the streaming is not available on both youtube and Facebook. any assistance to resolve the problem will be appreciated

It’s possible it could be an issue with the HDMI cable, the video source, or some other issuer perhaps with the device itself. I would recommend sending us an email at info@epiphan.com providing more information and screenshots of the issue. As well if you can provide the make and model of the video source(s) you are using and have tested with, as well as including any additional information (such as external adapters or converters) it will be of great assistance for us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible!