Webcaster issue since a couple of days

Hi there! I’m experiences issues with webcaster X2. I’m having continuous stream errors
with both switchboard and facebook live.

If i go on facebook my stream stop and go all the time, very frequently.
If i go on switchboard (and by that to youtube and facebook i have the same).
I wrote to switchboard customer care and they say it could be a problem between switchboard and webcaster.

Any Idea of what it can be? It is starting to be very annoying.
Thank you.

Hello Francesco,

I’m sorry to see you’re running into issues with your X2 unit.
If you are seeing direct issues between Webcaster X2 and Facebook, as well as between Webcaster X2 and Switchboard, it’s possible we could be looking at a network related issue rather than specifically a device related issue.

As this might be a more in-depth troubleshooting requirement I would recommend emailing us at info@epiphan.com so that either myself or another member of our support team can navigate through all troubleshooting steps to identify the cause of the problem

I have been experiencing the same problem I tried new known working network cables and verified my network was working properly. I was forced to use a hotspot as the problem occurs when using Ethernet only