Webcaster 2 will not receive a HDMI signal

webcaster 2 will not receive a HDMI signal I have been using it with a tricaster 455 for a couple years and it has work fine . so I tried a camera and it still will not take a signal, is there a reset on it where I can reset back to where it was

Hello! I’m sorry you’re having this issue, do you happen to know the make and model of the camera? It’s possible that the camera doesn’t have the ability to be used for live video capture. Does the Webcaster no longer work with your Tricaster 455 at all, or is it only when using this camera with both the Tricaster and the Webcaster that it doesn’t work?

If you’d like you can perform a factory reset of the Webcaster. You’ll need to have a monitor connected to the Webcaster, as well as a mouse. Next make sure the power cable is unplugged, then use a pin to press and hold the recovery button on the side of the unit and plug the power in. Once the green light comes on you can remove the pin. Then after a moment on the monitor you will see options listed. Go to “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Yes – delete all user data”. Then “Reboot system now”. It will then reboot and be reset back to the factory defaults, so you will need to redo any configuration you had done before. Please let us know if this doesn’t solve your issue!