Webcaster 2 and MAC OS Catalina HDMI troubles - STREAMING OFF PROBLEM

Hi guys!
Since a couple of days ago i’m experiencing troubles with Webcaster x2 streaming.
I’m having continuous streaming-offline problem and so i did a lot of test to discover
that the problem seems to be a sorf of incompatibility with the way webcaster deal
with MacOs Catalina HDMI and actually i had the problem from the moment i updated MACOS
to Catalina.

Did anyone face this and did anyone know how to solve it?
Any Idea? Please, it’ is very important for my project or my webcaster is completely useless
with my macbook. Thank you

Hello Francesco,

It’s important to note that Webcaster X2 does not support HDCP encrypted video source signals. Such examples would be: cable or satellite boxes, DVD or Bluray players, sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, some specific drone company products, and set top boxes. Unfortunately Apple enabled HDCP encryption on the outputs of their computers after OSX 10.12, The HDCP is not always enabled but does appear to be triggered based on some applications. This has unfortunately be a very widespread issue across the global video capture industry and is affected to all capture devices that are not HDCP compliant.

If the issue is that you are only seeing a black screen and perhaps hearing audio, that would be typical behavior to HDCP encryption