Watermark & logo


Is it possible to caption a video or add any png? If so, how? I would like to football scoreboard, or any other png file!

Unfortunately no. The content would need to be added at the video source level. Our more robust solutions such as Pearl Mini and Pearl-2 could certainly accommodate this feature however.

Thanks. So what is the simplest solution in this case to watermark the video?

Are you likely to expect watermark in the next updates?

Unfortunately there are no current plans to add the feature. I apologize for the inconvenience.

You will either need to use some sort of video mixer in between your video source(s) and the Webcaster X2 or some sort of other method to add the logo option at the source level

Any working solution with USB-input?

Not that we have found unfortunately.

You can use BeLIve (when it works) or Switchboard Live, from Webcaster to add a watermark onto a Facebook live stream.