Video grabbing from a GE ultrasound machine

We are using a DVI2USB 3.0 for video capture from a GE ultrasound machine (Vivid S70). We perform the exam only with greyscale and need to record video sequences of 180 s. We are currently looking for the best recording settings as we are having trouble with file size and recording time (180 s).

The implemented video codecs do not seem to work with greyscale imaging, so we are using RGB 24
-> to reduce file size I think it would be better to use greyscale and look for a suitable codec - what do you think?

The file sizes are getting pretty large when recording (about 3.3 GB with 120s) and this surprises me as we are only recording greyscale information. We are trying to measure vessel diameters and therefor do not necessarily need super high video quality.
The video capture stops automatically after about 130 s probably because the file size is getting too large.

So what we need is a suitable video setting for greyscale ultrasound grabbing (video quality high enough to detect vessel borders) to reduce file size and be able to record 180s video sequences without any problems.

Dear community, do you have any suggestions for us? Thanks a lot!

Video settings:
Display format: RGB 24 bits
Cropping: left 440, top 100, Width 1600, Height 1600
Video mode detection every 30 sec
Limit frame rate to 15 fps
Codec: Intel IYUC Codec (gibt 2, die so hei├čen, nutze den Ersten)
AVI file size limit: 4095 MB (max)


We recommend installing a codec pack on your system so you can use a compressed codec that will result in a massive savings of space for the files, something on the order of 100:1, while still maintaining good quality.

You can follow the steps on our DVI2USB quick start guide, under the section titled " Install the video codec for Windows and set video compression options":

Hope this helps!