VGA2USB capture issue with RGB to VGA signal

I’m using a VGA2USB dongle and I can’t figure a way to make it work with an old computer. The video output of the computer is RGB we use a passive adapter to get the VGA output. The signal is then relayed on the monitor which is a Dell P2210. To capture the signal we use the VGA splitter and plug the Dell P2210 in the active port and the VGA2USB in the second output of the splitter. While the Dell monitor displays the image, the dongle can’t capture the signal.

I am reading in your support section that we could enable the the YCrCb capture to maybe force the synchronisation of the VGA signal, but I don’t have this check box with my device. What are my options?

Hmm, the VGA2USB is a very old device so my first concern here would be simply a failed unit due to its age. Are you able to capture successfully from any other VGA signal sources?

I tried to use it with a more standard VGA source and it’s working fine.

Do you have an idea why I can’t reach the YCrCb parameter?

The VGA2USB isn’t compatible with Component video signals, it just works with VGA (RGBHV) signals.

Are you able to test capturing from this older computer directly without the adapter or splitter being used? Ideally also using very short cabling for both VGA and USB?

Unfortunately the output signal of my computer is only RGB. It is a very hold DCS system and I don’t have the luxury to use a different output format.

Sorry to say, it might just be incompatible with the VGA2USB from the sounds of it. Unfortunately there wouldn’t be anything we can do here