Using Pearl as UVC device in videoconferencing software


I’m looking for a software solution to use pearl as UVC device for a videoconference software, a kind of RTSP/rtmp to UVC software converter. I know i could use a frame grabber but i’m not the wallet owner :sweat:
Any tool to do that on windows or mac? OBS has a plugin but without audio.

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The Pearl-2 can send out NDI, if you use this along with the NDI Virtual Input: Then you could accomplish this! You can see about streaming out NDI on the Pearl-2 in the online user guide here:

Hello, is it possible to use NDI with pearl mini to stream from Pearl mini to my videoconference-PC or must i use pearl-2 ?

The Pearl Mini does not support NDI unfortunately. You could however use SRT to send the stream to an app like OBS which could then create a virtual camera to use with video conferencing software.

Together with OBS Studio and the virtual camera plug-in, you can use virtual audio inputs and outputs. Listen to the audio input, and also in the OBS settings make the audio output to the input of the virtual cable, and use the output as a microphone. But keep in mind that you may have a delay in the application when the audio and video are merged from the virtual devices again. :sunglasses: