uPNP now gone? What can I use?

I noticed the in the last Pearl Mini update that uPNP is now gone. We used that to connect to our stream via a Smart TV. What recommendations are there for this being removed?

Hi Mark,

You are correct that uPNP was removed in the last firmware update. By default the Pearl Mini will stream over the local network using 3 different protocols, flash, RTSP and MPEG-TS, you can access the URL’s for those streams on the status page of the encoding channel:


Hopefully your smart TV is able to open one of these stream types! If not you could use a media player device or micro computer/laptop to open the stream and play it on the TV over HDMI.

The only other option would be downgrading the firmware on the Pearl Mini which is certainly a doable option! If you’d like the previous firmware please contact us at info@epiphan.com or on live chat and we can provide a download link to revert.

Hope this helps!