Unstable NDI and some prolems with Titler Live


We are using NewBlue Titler Live over NDI with Paerl-2. It looks really cool and i like it more than chromakeying, but we have some problems with live streaming. Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes NDI disconnecting and it ruins livestream with “NO SIGNAL” for a few seconds. Also, titles over NDI can freeze on livescreen and i cant remove them, but at the same time Screen Monitor works fine and i see all of the animations works fine on another machine. All machines works with 1 gigabit Ethernet connection.
Version Pearl-2: 4.10.0k

Has anyone encountered similar problems? How can I stabilize NDI connection and “unfreeze” titles if they are freezed on live streaming (buttons on titler live wont help)?

Hmm, my two thoughts here are either a network throughput issue of some kind (NDI can be very intensive). Or perhaps a CPU load issue on the Pearl-2 due to an overly heavy configuration. We can take a look at your configuration, if you create a config preset, download this then email it to info@epiphan.com we would be happy to take a look! The user guide describes this process here: https://www.epiphan.com/userguides/pearl-2/Content/UserGuides/Streaming/setup/configPresetsCreate.htm

Were you ever able to solve the issue you were having with Titler Live over NDI? We are having the same problem.

Yes, please… I would like to use this feature, but if this gives problems I would go the traditional route

Anyone able to resolve this? I too am having the same problem Screencast of issue is here titler live NDI fail with pearl 2