Unable to upload video file

I cannot get the video file feature to work inside of my layouts, have tried various .mp4 videos (under 250mb) and seems to just get stuck at 100% uploaded and won’t appear inside layout. I’ve followed the exact steps from the FAQ here.

Has anyone had success with this feature? Can any Epiphan support staff advise?

Hello Sheldon,
Thank you for contacting us directly via support@epiphan.com. I am going to post my response to help any other folks who might run into the same issue and come here looking for support.

First, make sure to confirm that the videos are visible in the Media section of the Pearl’s web interface. You can find it on the left under Configuration. If they are there it means they should be on the Pearl, so we might be looking at a caching issue, and all you’ll need to do is clear the cache on your browser for the Pearl’s page. On a Windows PC this can usually be done by pressing Ctrl+F5 to perform a “hard refresh”. In some cases you may need to go into your browser settings and clear the cache manually though.

If the video files aren’t visible in the Media page it’s likely they’re not uploading to the Pearl properly, though it could be a caching issue as well, so clearing the cache is certainly recommended. One possible reason for the files failing to upload is if the system storage is full. This is separate from the recording storage and much smaller. Configuration presets and media files are stored here, so if you have a lot of large presets they could be interfering. By default media files that are used in a Preset are saved within the preset, so presets can get quite large sometimes!

So, double check your Media page to make sure your video files are uploading normally, and when in doubt clear your browser’s cache!