Unable to register for firmware updates

I recently got a notice in the web interface for my Pearl Mini that a firmware update was available but that I’d need to register the unit before being able to receive the update. I’ve tried multiple times to submit the registration form, but it keeps getting rejected with a message that can’t verify my serial number. I’ve double-checked and this the correct serial number displayed in the info tab in the web interface, as well as on the sticker on the outside of the unit. Does anyone know what would cause an apparently valid serial number to be rejected ? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for contacting us about this. We’ve recently become aware of this issue for the latest batch of Pearl Mini’s which have a new serial number range, our website registration backend hasn’t been updated to accept this new range.

We’re currently working on getting this updated, in the meantime if you want to upgrade firmware you contact us through live chat on our website, or by email at info@epiphan.com to receive a manual download link.


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Hey Adam,

Thank you! I’ll go ahead and send an email that way.