Unable to Pair my Webcaster X2 to Facebook Account

Friday, our Webcaster X2 showed offline and couldn’t get it to connect. So, I “Unpaired” it and tried to “Re-Pair” it our Facebook account and it will not Pair. I even did a complete Factory Reset and still cannot get it to pair. The Webcaster will give me a Facebook code and when I enter that at facebook dot com/device, I get the same error message over and over.
" App not active
This app is not accessible right now and the app developer is aware of the issue. You will be able to log in when the app is reactivated."

Can’t Load URL

The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.

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The Pair code for Youtube will work, just Facebook’s Pair code will not.

I know Webcaster is beyond it’s EOL, but is there any kind of fix for this?

I’m having the same issue. I emailed Epiphan. Hopefully they can acivate the app in Facebook. Good to know Youtube is working. Thanks.

Hello everyone,

We are sorry to hear the Webcaster x2 is having issues connecting to Facebook.

We are looking into this to see if there is anything that can be done, noting as mentioned above, the Webcaster x2 is EOL (2020) . In the meantime, please refer to the following post:

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your reply, but patience isn’t a luxury I have right now…LOL! I use my X2 in a commercial setting and we have regional basketball tournament at the end of this week and i NEED this to be working. We’ve already missed the games over the weekend because the unit will not pair. I understand that you all have dropped the device, which is sadly unfortunate, since there seems to be a lot of people using these. Might be worth you it to maybe charge a small fee to keep updates going or either make the code “open source” and maybe someone else can pick it up.

Anyway, Now I am having to build a computer and get OBS Studio installed and working.

The 100% main reason I went with Webcaster X2 is the ease of use. My employees could simply press one button and start and stop this…now it will be far more complicated with OBS Studio.

And let me clear this up…when I said Youtube works…well kind of. Youtube will take the code and active the box. But Youtube is NOT an alternative for livestreaming, because Youtube has the goofy “depreciated” stuff on livestreaming. So, you really cannot just instantly “go live”.

Just curious…why did you all drop the box?

Hello all,

Please note that we hear you and understand your frustrations and have reached out to Facebook to see what happened. I hope to have an update this week.

Thank you

Hello all,

Please refer to this forum post for further updates

Thanks for the update. I had already figured that out, when ours went down last week. I have since moved on. Built a computer, installed OBS Studio, added a video capture device and was back up this past Monday. It’s a hassle, because there are several additional steps we have to do now, to go live, but that’s how it goes. Biggest problem is training my staff on how to do it.

Webcaster X2 spoiled us all to that “One Click” livestream. We really appreciate the X2 and will really miss it. Thanks for those several good years. :slight_smile:

Do you have an update yet on this? You have any recommendation on other products that can be used in its place.



I just had an unused desktop computer with an Intel I7 CPU. I just installed OBS and haven’t looked back. It’s pretty simple. If you are using an external video camera, then grab an HDMI to USB video capture device, they are about $10 online or walmart has them for $20 in-store. That’s all you need

But with this webcaster X2 being EOL, don’t look for any real solutions. Sure “it might” get fixed this time, but what about next time Facebook changes something?

Guess work doesn’t work for me. I need a real solution. So that’s why I took and put it all on desktop computer and works perfect

Good morning, It’s now April The Device is still behaving the same during the login with Facebook, When do we have a solution for this matter?

Webcaster x2 is a good device but please we need a solution to this issues

What’s the update Sir,Ryan any solution for this problem?
My webcasterx2 “WCX219012901

I don’t think they plan on doing anything about it. After about two weeks, I just moved on. I built a computer (or you can purchase or use an existing computer) and installed the Free OBS Studio software and never looked back. Much, much better solution than the Webcaster ever was.

Hello Djlups - unfortunately as support for the Webcaster x2 ended April 2020 there will be no further software/hardware developments for the Webcaster x2.

Please do refer to the following master thread regarding this:

How do we get to be Comparseted since the Device is an able to Work Now?

Hello Djlups - We are offering a special program for the Pearl Nano for folks that were using the Webcaster x2. If you are interested, please do reach out to sales@epiphan.com

Folks, I would not invest into another product from them, that will probably just go “End of Life” again in a couple of years. Built or buy a computer, get a video capture device, they are $10 on Amazon, and install OBS. It’s really not difficult at all. Tons of Youtube videos explaining it and showing how to set it up. But I will never go down this road again and be left hanging like this.

We understand your feedback, and indeed OBS is a great and free opensource software that lots of folks use for similar purposes. However, it might not suit everyone, especially those looking for a more streamlined, all-in-one solution. We at Epiphan strive to build easy to use, dedicated hardware solutions for streaming with a standards based approach. In this case, Webcaster x2 was released June 2017, receiving numerous firmware updates till discontinuation in April 2020 due to changes in how platforms were planning to ingest streams and difficulty of support going forward. We have continued to support folks in the field using the Webcaster x2 up until it has become impossible to do so. All technology inevitably transitions to end of life as standards and requirements evolve. We continuously build to a product life cycle that respects our client’s investments, typically well beyond industry standards with many Pearls still running 10 years past their original sale date.

The Pearl Nano which we are recommending has been out for a few years with continual feature additions, and many more planned. It streams to YouTube and Facebook using industry standard protocols like RTMP, and supports more modern protocols like SRT, a protocol that more and more services, like YouTube, are adopting.

Yes, it “May” support current formats and protocols, but then again, so did the Webcaster X2. In my opinion, this will to become obsolete and another waste of my money. So, I would not ever consider another “All-in-one” solution and get burned, like I did with your X2. I’m sorry, but One and Done for me.