Unable to Live stream to FB

We lost internet connection and are now unable to connect our Pearl mini to the FB live stream. When we try to start, we get this error: Address family not supported by protocol. Any suggestions?

Hello there, sorry that you’re running into this issue with your Pearl Mini! To start, can you tell me which firmware version your Pearl is running? More recent updates often have more descriptive error messages that might help in resolving this issue.

What I would do is verify the streaming information, by copying in the information again just to be certain it is correct. If you’re on a firmware version at least as new as 4.14 you should have some network testing tools under the Network section of the web interface and you can check the Pearl’s connectivity status to make sure it isn’t a network related issue.

You can also send us an email to info@epiphan.com and we can try to do a more in depth investigation as well.