Trying to use Birddog P200 with NDI with my brand new epiphan mini

Greetings! I am a new user of Epiphan and I have been having some road blocks lol. If anyone is out there that could give me any bread crumbs to follow that would be amazing!

This is my setup…
Running Epiphan Edge Pro
epiphan mini
BirdDog P200 (currently using power supply but will switch to powered cat 6)
cat 6 cable

I can see my camera just fine on the NDI windows application, when I plug my camera into the Epiphan Mini I am able to discover my Birddog P200 camera just fine. But when I click “ADD” it gives me the error “Only NDI | HX streams are supported. Please refer to the documentation”

I have been going through the documentation but I am not sure why I should not be able to use my camera that totally supports NDI |HX.

My other question please excuse my ignorance on NDI but I was under the impression that the Pearl Mini would be my NDI discovery server since it is the host of up to two NDI sources.

This whole thing has been very confusing and I hope someone out there can help explain how I can get my camera to work with this Mini lol. Thank you so much for reading this even!


Just a note, this case was submitted via The Birddog P200 is a High Bandwidth NDI camera. Pearl Mini is only compatible with NDI HX streams, which are an encoded/compressed version of the NDI protocol.

Pearl Mini can ingest up to 2 1080p30 NDI HX streams from connected sources!

Here is a link to our documentation regarding this, as linked above!

AS Ryan has said - the pearls are HX only. You could use NDI bridge to convert from full bandwidth NDI to NDI|HX. Or you could install the Si2 firmware on the birddog and output NDI|HX Directly, however this is only a beta firmware at this stage.

Thanks for hopping in!

Pearl-2 can ingest high bandwidth NDI and NDI HX, if a more beefer appliance is needed. For two NDI HX sources though, Pearl Mini may be the ticket, and you could convert using methods like how Team_Team is highlighting