Streaming to Ustream

Streaming over LAN. Have tried DHCP and static IP. Has anyone had success hitting this platform? I keep getting an error message “frequent connection attempts” “connection timed out”. Updating to firmware 4.7.1a was a huge issue in and of itself.

The frequent connection attempts error usually either means that the stream details are incorrect so the CDN is rejecting the connection attempt or that there is a firewall blocking the stream. You mentioned that updating was difficult, is this that the unit wouldn’t update over the internet? If so this could be further evidence of a firewall/networking issue, and it may be a good idea to test using a DMZ to rule this out.

thank you for the input. This issue did need a DMZ to rule out some issues. I did know a whole lot about the networking side of streaming besides what my IT guys give me, but this show was a trial by fire.