Streaming to periscope

Having a hard time getting set up to use periscope on my pearl 2. no problems streaming to youtube and live stream, and want to add periscope to the mix but even after i set up all of the very particular encoding settings for periscope i still just get an ‘input/output error’. any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Are you able to ping periscope from Pearl-2? If you are unsuccessful in reaching Periscope it’s possible it could network related. Is there a firewall or restricted network settings that could prevent Pearl-2 from reaching Periscope?

There was a corporate firewall which has proven to be a royal pain in the ass. Long story short: rolling back to dhcp from static IP allowed me to ping periscope so i think through trial and error i got this figured out!

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Great to hear! We’re glad you were able to resolve the issue. Are you able to provide more information about what firewall conditions would have been interfering with the Static IP?

I wish I could but honestly its all private firewall info thats a bit over my head and behind my corporate IT’s locked doors