Streaming to FB Live confirmed but no Live Stream visible

I’m new to Webcaster so bear with me. I successfully was able to create a live stream to YouTube, but not to Facebook Live. My Webcaster says that the stream is happening (timer color is blue and is counting up), but there is no live stream on my Facebook wall or on my Event page (I’ve tried both in the Webcaster settings). I’m looking for some suggestions. Thanks in advance.

When pairing your Webcaster X2 you would need to ensure that the permissions policy (in the initial popup) were set to “public.” It’s possible to see this behaviour if the permissions were set to “friends only” or “private.” Navigate to the Facebook Settings on your account, click on Business Integration on the left side of the settings menu and delete the Webcaster application. Start a new pairing process again with the webcaster X2 ensuring that the permissions are set to public and agreeing to all other pop ups and test again.

If the issue persist please send us an email to for further technical support