Streaming from Larix to Pearl Mini

For RTMP streaming - Can I stream directly to the Pearl Mini from Mobile app eg Larix using the Epiphan cloud server ect or do I need to use a dedicated CDN? Trying to setting up mobile phone streaming to Pearl Mini for testing purposes

Many Thanks!

Hello there! To clarify, Epiphan Cloud is not a streaming platform in any way, it’s a management tool to help make using and managing your Epiphan devices easier. To send a stream into a Pearl Mini it would need to be in RTSP, SRT, or NDI|HX format. If the mobile app is capable of sending out those sorts of streams the Pearl Mini should be able to ingest them as Inputs.

If you’d like to outline exactly what you’re trying to do we might be better able to provide suggestions, you can also email us at if you’d like to have a more in depth discussion.