Stream starts when unit powered up

When powering up the unit, once the self tests have computer and the video image is on the screen, the unit automatically starts transmitting as if we told it to start on the screen. (Usually start it with the on touch icon on the top left). When the unit powers up we get that flashing stream light and then it goes sold (all without any inputs from us). We know it is transmitting as we can see the video on our YouTube and Streaming Church TV accounts.

This occurs on all of our channels we have set up.

We do stop the stream before powering down the unit. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Paul,

This definitely shouldn’t be happening, the Pearl will only start streaming after boot up if the stream wasn’t stopped on the Pearl prior to powering down. Please note that stopping the stream on the CDN side (i.e. YouTube/Streaming Church) will not stop the stream on the Pearl itself, it always has to be stopped manually on the Pearl.


Fully understand that. We stop the stream on the Pearl first, then stop it on YouTube after getting the no signal error on YouTube.

I looked at it a little while ago and could not duplicate the issue. The system is in the sanctuary of my church and I was in there doing a couple of other things so I fired it up.



I would double check that there aren’t any duplicate streams on any channels on the Pearl. By default any stream created will be added to the “launcher” which means that a single button press on the touchscreen could result in all streams being started on the Pearl, even unintentionally.

Regardless, if you can’t replicate it hopefully that means that this is no longer an issue for you! If it continues to happen again you can always send us an email to and we can open a ticket and investigate deeper.


  • Adam

Good point. I would not be surprised if we had a couple of duplicate streams with the number of folks who have been messing with it. Project for the next time I go in and look at the configuration.

Many thanx.