Spining wheel when loading Epiphan Live from Pearl Mini

First t time of seeing this with a Pearl (any model) running the latest firmware:

Version: 4.15.0h
Revision: 55413_1836
Date: 2021-11-23

Trying to log in to the Pearl live interface to control & switch, and get a spinning wheel loading constantly - tried multiple browsers and two PC’s all exhibit the same issue

Reboot the unit - still the same

Sometimes it works, but then goes again. Nothing is done other than change the network link to another network, and then back again.

Any ideas?


Could you try a direct connection to the Pearl using the persistent static IP method? This would rule out the local network, seeing as you’ve tried multiple browsers/computers all that’s really left is the local network or the Pearl itself.

If the direct connection doesn’t work then we’d recommend a factory reset of the Pearl and re-testing on the default configuration before reloading any previously created configuration presets.

Please note that a factory reset would delete all user data including recordings, so please make sure to backup as needed.

Here is the step by step guide on the direct Persistent static IP connection (same for all models): https://www.epiphan.com/userguides/pearl-2/Content/setup/connectUsingStaticIP.htm?Highlight=persistent

Let us know!

@Adam_Palmer thanks for the quick response…

So I tried the persistent static IP and was still seeing issues. So I did a backup of the device under maintenance and download that. Thereafter I undertook a full factory reset undertaken, and reboot. Then checked the device.

Then reapplied the backup file. Interestingly after doing all of this the media files were still on the device, even though the factory reset was successful… has something changed in the backup files and they retain the media as well?

Anyway this process has worked and the device is now working correctly

Glad to hear the factory reset got it working! If by media files you mean uploaded images (JPEG, PNG) then yes, the configuration preset will save those media files, it won’t work for recordings.