Source time and system time not synchronized

I added an IP camera as a RTSP input.
I put the same NTP server at both devices(pearl-mini & camera) but i get the error “Source time and system time not synchronized.”

I am doing something wrong? or it will work normally?

Thank you.

This can happen unfortunately. The issue has been know to resolve itself if the camera uses Pearl as the NTP server for synchronization. Please test and let us know if the issue persists

I used the IP of the pearl as a NTP server in camera settings,but i have the same message as error.
If i have the same NTP in both devices but the message “Source time and system time not synchronized.” is still appear , it gonna be a problem?

It may still cause issue or intermittent issues. I’d recommend sending us an email at with a screenshot of the error, the make and model of the camera, and please note in the email you whether or not you have made Pearl the NTP server.