Sound crashes with no stereo XLR inputs

Hi there and greetings from Germany,

i have a problem with my pearl2 relating to the XLR Audio routing.

We want to stream with four different channels, the same video content comes from the same HDMI input, and we have four different audio feeds coming in the Pearl, because we have to send four simultaneous translated languages.

In advance i unchecked the stero option at the XLR inputs, so that i have two mono inputs at XLR A and XLR B.

That means that i have four different audio feeds coming in the XLR inputs A and B.

Channel 1 (German) streams to lievestream example1, Channel 2 (English) streams to livestream example 2, Channel 3 (French) streams to livestream example 3 and Channel 4 (Italian) streams to livestream example 4.

During my testrun over the day it looks like sometimes the audio “crashes”. No peak in the Audio Meters no sound is beeing streamed. After rebooting the Pearl it works again for a while, until the same happens again.

Is this a wrong setup from myself, maybe it is not possible to feed four different Audio feeds in two “XLR Banks”

Would be grateful for any ideas or help.

Thank you and cheers,

This could be a number of different possibilities and will require more in-depth troubleshooting. Please send us an email at with the description of your issue, please download the permanent logs for your Pearl unit as well as save and send us a configuration preset of your current setup on the device. Please also include which firmware version is currently installed on your device.

For logs and config preset, Within Pearl’s Web UI, navigate to the Maintenance page. There should be an option near the top of the page for Permanent logs and a download link.
Lower in the maintenance page you can create a configuration preset which can then also be downloaded to your computer. Please ensure that the configuration preset does NOT included System, Network and Epiphan Cloud/AV Studio settings.