Skype for business


I ran into a problem with skype for business 16.0.4266 on Windows 10 r 1809.
Before PC was at Win 7 and worked fine. When I connect DVI2USB or VGA2USB and trying to call somebody, me and my companion can see only a blue screen.
BUT! I can see the video clearly in skype for business video setup and another soft. Even in web browser it works fine.

Tried skype for business of MS Office 2019 - the same problem.

Hope for your help.
Thank you.

DVI2USB, VGA2USB, DVI2USB 3.0 and any of our other signature series devices that use our custom drivers for functionality to have limitations on compatibility with third-party applications. With the changes in Windows 10 with the last services packages from June 2018 unfortunately our devices are no longer fully compatible with Skype or Skype for business.

We apologize for the inconvenience however we do have a solution that does prevent this behavior in the future with any subsequent updates: the series devices do not use proprietary drivers. These are UVC devices that utilize the drivers built into the operating system and work in the same manner as a webcam. This also means there is no proprietary software, however any software that can utilize a webcam should be able to utilize our devices