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I have 2 channels (FB, YT), YT is mirroring FB. I operate our Mini remotely and had always simply started streaming and recording on the Dashboard. I started getting error messages from YT, after a year, and then I assumed we were cut off from YT. I asked the YT administrator for assistance but got none. What I have discovered after getting access to our YT account, is if I start the YT channel from Admin Panel, I can stream live to YT. If I do a Start All, I receive a message on the FB channel “Connection closed by remote host.” If I start from Dashboard, only the FB stream works, the YT never connects. Any help would be appreciated!

This is a curious case. A stream start command from the Dashboard, Admin Panel, Touchscreen or even via API would be the exact same command as far as Pearl sees it.

It is important to note that both FB and YT need to be expecting the stream from Pearl to occur; a scheduled event or FB producer/YT dashboard open and ready to accept the incoming stream from Pearl. It is also possible for stream keys to expire, which the “Closed by remote host” error might indicate.
Being that it sounds like you can stream to both FB and YT individually, I am curious as to how you’re using the Dashboard to start both streams. While it is possible to start all streams in a single channel using the Dashboard, it is not possible to start multiple streams in different channels with one click.

If you’d like, I would be more than happy to jump into a quick Zoom call with you to get a better look at how things are setup on your end.

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