“Session has ended” two live control switcher open?

Suggestion for a next update…
why Is it not possible to use two live switcher pages?
If i want to open the live switch page i receive the notification “Session has ended”

But in some situation i want to use two live switchers for two different layers. (Presenter screen and live stream)
is this possible in A future update :slight_smile:

The number of session allowed for the Live dashboard was intentionally limited to reduce system load. Otherwise it could be very easy to open enough instances that put the system in a state that negatively impacts overall performance.
The best option is to use one instance of the admin UI and one of the Live UI.

We already do this,
But the ideal solution should be that every layer had his own possibility to open a live switcher. Most of the time we only need this to change a Screen from a ppt to a laptop that is in the set.
Just a suggestion.

Thanks for replaying !

Is there any other reason it would show session ended for someone? Customer is complaining that this is happening, but the stream continued and wasn’t affected. Another customer was able to login to the switcher from a different device and not have the problem.

Hello again Beth,

I replied to another thread with this question, but for extra visibility I am reposting it here too! It sounds like the customer may have run into the 30 minute timeout function of Epiphan Live. There is a 30 minute inactivity timer, so if there is no interaction with the Epiphan Live interface it logs the user out after 30 minutes. This is meant to help increase security. In theory the original staff member should have been able to simply refresh the page and log back into the Epiphan Live interface.

I hope this information is helpful! If you have feedback regarding this feature we’d love to hear it, as we’re always looking to improve our products!