Serious video lag out of clean hdmi on Panasonic gh5s adjusting audio lag to compensate isn't enough

My video delay from the clean out of the HDMI on my panasonic GH5s is so bad I’m not sure how to synch the audio some days. (yes, it varies) The video lag seems to change daily in the same environment with same gear? I can stream some days by setting the audio lag at 300ms and it will match the video, some days gets better and I can get away with 210 ms audio lag, but today can’t stream at all because I would need to set an audio lag much much higher than the permissible 300ms the pearl 2 interface allows me to do.

I tried plugging in the audio (xlr mic) directly into the GH5s rather than my external mixer and it had no effect. Granted I guess it’s not the audio that’s the problem. Its technically the video. I tried changing the settings of the video the camera was set (from 4k 30fps to 1080p 60fps to 1080p 30fps) no change regardless of camera settings

Watched a lot of youtube videos on possible fixes (and even epiphans) but no luck. I thought the GH5s might be the issue but everything I see online seems that its a good camera for streaming sooooo :frowning:

I am currently considering ordering an analog audio delay device to further delay the audio so it matches the video. I figure I could add an external delay of 600 ms from a device and use epiphans 300ms and probably get where I need to be) but I HAVE TO WONDER, why is this happening? :slight_smile: Doesn’t seem like anyone else is whining so I wonder what I’ve screwed up here?

–edit 11:00 pm later that evening. Possibly related to bandwidth??? Late at night the video lag is at a manageable amount. Dropped to 280ms later at night. Still not great but workable. Just wondering if this symptom provides more help troubleshooting. Thanks

----edit 8:20 am . I am plugged directly into modem with speeds clocked at 156Mbps down 5Mbps up (lag is JUST over 300 ms and won’t sync properly as the video is just slightly too late. I could use about another 50ms and it would be there.

Any advice? Much appreciated. Thanks!

Not a way to fix the issue, but to determine if it is caused by hardware or network / YT server side, you could plug a monitor to hdmi output of the pearl, with embedded speaker (e.g. TV or some computer monitor), send your channel to this hdmi output, and check the sync at the monitor…

The best way to check for audio sync is to look at the recordings produced by the Pearl itself. This will tell you if it’s an issue between the camera and the Pearl, or the Pearl and the CDN it’s streaming to and/or the viewing hardware on the other end.

You can also look at the input as it comes in directly, under the “inputs” category of the web interface. Beyond that we would probably need to open a ticket on this issue and run through some troubleshooting routines. Perhaps there is an issue with the Pearl’s configuration or firmware etc.

You can send an email into to begin that process.