Sending commands to Pearl 2

I’m looking into using something like Velocity by Atlona to control and manage all of my AV systems. All of my devices, including my pearl 2, are connected and able to see each other. The problem I’m having now is figuring out what the command lines to send via TCP/IP to start and stop recording. Could you give me any advice on where to look for this or any solutions if this isn’t possible?

The HTTP API commands are documented in the user guide here:

Let me know if you have any questions!


I have the same question. Did you find out how to put the HTTP API command in the driver for use with epiphan?


Here is an example using command line:

Start recording:

/usr/local/bin/wget --http-user=admin --http-passwd="" http://ipaddress/admin/channel2/set_params.cgi?rec_enabled=on

Stop recording:

/usr/local/bin/wget --http-user=admin --http-passwd="" http://ipaddress/admin/channel2/set_params.cgi?rec_enabled=""

Name recording:

/usr/local/bin/wget --http-user=admin --http-passwd="" http://ipaddress/admin/channel2/set_params.cgi?rec_prefix=“filename_prefix”


Thanks a lot for the information.

The Command is working from my browser but not from the Atlona Velocity.
I sent a dozen emails to Atlona support but no working solution yet.
As in the Atlona driver the command needs to be broken and sent als a “GET, PUT, POST” API
Is there anybody here that has done this already with the Atlona Velocity?