Selecting which stream on a channel to start/stop over IP

I’m controlling a Pearl 2 over IP using a third-party control system, and have previously been able to start a stream on a channel using commands similar to this:


However, I’m now in a situation where one channel has 7 different streams, and they’d like to select one to stream to at any given time, and I’m struggling to find in the API how to select which specific stream should be started/stopped.

Anyone know how to do this?



Sorry to say, but the API control there only allows for starting/stopping the first configured stream on a channel. For the others here you will have to start/stop the stream from the Web UI.

Ok, thanks for responding so quick!

Given that they need they need control of this using the third-party control system, would the best solution to be making 7 identical channels with one stream each?

And do you think there’ll be support for this in the API in future updates?



Hmm, well one option would be to use API commands to create the one needed stream. There are commands to set the type, URL, stream key, etc. For example you could send the following, though obviously entering the needed URL and stream key:


I wouldn’t recommend 7 channels, as any configured channels are always being encoded, causing CPU load and the Pearl-2 is only rated for 6 channels of 1080p at 30fps each.

The API will indeed be changing in the future, we are working on a new full rework of it. I expect in this version that control of separate streams will be possible. Unfortunately I don’t currently have a release date for this.

That does sound like a much cleaner solution. Would I then have to delete each stream after stopping, so that the next one created is the one listening to the “SET.4.publish_enabled=on” command? If that only works on the first stream available.

All of these commands are only ever going to affect the first stream here. Sending new commands to change the URL and stream will just change the first stream, it won’t create a new one.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!