Sample audio rate mismatched ...Chack your HDMI in audio settings

Good day,
I am getting a message saying “actual audio sample rate 73476.07 Hz mismatched with expected
(44100Hz or 48000Hz). Check your HDMI IN audio settings”. I am not sure where the HDMI IN audio settings are located.

Ah this error is reporting a problem in the incoming signal. The message there is advising you to look at settings on the HDMI signal source to see if there are any audio settings you can change.

Good morning. I had another issue come last nite. I moved the system that was working perfectly across the room to reposition the camera, and webmaster to their new permanent home. I plug it all back up. Now I get no signal from my avaipas HDMI webcam. While the USB camera still works. I was able to plug the HDMI camera directly into the monitor, and I get a good image. I am dumbfounded.

Hello, I responded to your other post about this, but I will copy and paste it here as well:

I would recommend testing with a different HDMI input signal to see if this is detected or not. For example trying the HDMI output of a laptop here or a different HDMI camera. If the other HDMI source works the problem might be with the camera itself or the cable. If the other source doesn’t work then we may be looking at a problem with the webcaster, in which case a factory reset would be a good idea. This can be done under Settings -> Backup and Reset

Thanks for the advice! Resetting the Webcaster allowed the camera to be seen.

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Ps wish the pearl mini was alitta cheaper. Our church is looking to multi cam in the future.