Robust stream that persists through power and internet outages

I have a camera feed that is running 24/7 that I’d like to stream to YouTube.

Is there a way to setup the webcaster to survive power outages and internet outages? I’d like to keep the same URL on YouTube, even if there is a short temporary interruption.

Power outages could be solved using a UPS. But internet outages aren’t really solvable with a live streaming device unfortunately.

Thank you for the response. I’m not too concerned about preventing outages, I’m more concerned to see if the Webcaster or YouTube settings can be configured so in the event there is an outage that once recovered the feed will automatically continue and ideally at the same url. Is there anything along those lines that can be done?

Sure if you create an event on YouTube then in the Webcaster under Preferences -> Publish Destination select this event you will be fine. If the internet cuts out the video will be interrupted, but when it comes back up it will come back up within the event.

Thank you, this is great! I tried it out and it by unplugging the webcaster and it does continue streaming to the URL once power is restored. However, I found I needed to press the side button to restart the stream. Is it possible to have it automatically stream when power is back on?

Sure, under preferences you can check the box to start streaming automatically. This will start streaming as soon as it is powered up.