Responsive Bit Rate

Could you explain Responsive bit rate check box on the Webcaster? When should I use that setting? It states Beta, when I see Beta it means to me that the setting isn’t bullet proof; what part isn’t tested?

This is probably described best in the user guide:

But in short, if your available internet upload speed drops below the set bitrate this will be detected and the bitrate will be lowered automatically to allow the stream to continue. The only downside is that with the lower bitrate the video quality will then also be lowered. I would generally just recommend this being on, as it is helpful for example if someone ever decides to start uploading files somewhere while you are streaming.

My ISP is supplying 15 mbps up and 15 mbps down. During 2 Sunday Facebook live events, the feed crashed. The ISP stated when I called them that I had maxed out the 15 up. I had the the video bit rate set at 4 mbps with the responsive bit auto. Last Sunday I set the video bit rate at 3 mbps and the responsive bit auto, the facebook live was perfect. What is the difference between responsive bit rate auto and responsive bit rate on? What is the effect of uploading at 3 mbps as compared to 4 mbps to what is shown on Facebook? Thanks for you advice!

Ah it sounds like perhaps there were other devices on the network using up bandwidth. For example this can easily be done by other users connecting to your network.

Responsive bitrate auto and responsive bitrate on are actually the exact same when it comes to Facebook. Both will automatically lower the bitrate when the upload bandwidth is inadequate.

3mbps vs 4mbps will just affect the video quality, higher bitrates are a higher image quality.

In the future the key here is to make sure no other users, devices, or applications on computers on your network are using up bandwidth during a stream. As long as you do this 15mbps upload speed s more than enough to stream!

Thanks Adam, I thought I had the network locked down. I wonder if parishioners could be feeding Facebook on our network. What upload speed 2, 3, 4, or 6 does it take for 720? I think 720 is what Facebook utilizes. Correct?

Facebook does indeed use 720p normally. 2mbps for 720p is usually enough for a good quality video stream!

I have the network locked down now and have restricted access during the service. Today was something new. I am using a Webcaster to push to FB. The Webcaster has a Cat5 connection. I signed into our church page about 30 minutes before the service started. Today occasionally while waiting I get a device off line warning. It flashes device off line for maybe 4 or 5 seconds. This happened 3 times. What specifically is happening when I see device offline, but I am not uploading? Does the Webcastor ping FB servers while waiting? Once the service started the connection was solid and the service looked good on FB. Any help you can give is appreciated.

Device offline is a fairly simple error message, it just means that the unit doesn’t have internet access. This could be due to anything in between the Webcaster and the internet, so the primary suspects are network, firewall, or internet connection. It could even be a bad or loose ethernet cable.

This Sunday, the webcaster flashed Device Offline intermittently at the beginning of the service. Then at about 15 minutes into the service Device Offline came on and stayed on for at least 10 minutes all the time still feeding FaceBook Live. I and my sound volunteer were watching our phones and praying it wouldn’t stop and the Webcaster just keep on delivering to FB. Presently, our church is only doing FB live due to the Ohio Governor’s curfew. Can you tell me why the Webcaster would report Device Offline and still send to FB. Your help and advice is appreciated.

I would recommend trying a factor reset of the Webcaster X2. It’s possible it could be a glitch. Hopefully this will resolve the issu

Could this have anything to do with the recent software update that I installed on Saturday?

it’s possible yes, which is why I would recommend the factory reset which should hopefully bring the device back to normal expected behavior

I did the reset and performance improved. Just one time did it say “device offline” and that was a few seconds before the upload dropped below 4 MBPS about 10 minutes into the service. The warning came and then it disappeared in 5 seconds. Watching the FB Live on our phones was rock solid. I have a Ubiquity cloud Key system and reviewing the data graphs shows I never exceeded my isp provided 15 meg up or even the 15 meg down. I shut off wifi during the service and turn off all running desktops to make sure the Webcaster has all the bandwidth it needs. Any other thoughts?

I watch on of your video that stated FB takes 1080P. When I tried I got a red triangle warning that said FB expects 720P. If I continue to deliver 1080P when they expect 720P will FB end my live. I read a FB post about a gamer program for 1080P. Do you know about that? Can non gamers join? Thanks

The Webcaster X2 can indeed stream 1080p to Facebook. Facebook is still in the transition from 720p standard to 1080p which is why there is that warning message. There isn’t any risk of Facebook stopping the stream from being 1080p, nothing to worry about there.