Resetting Pearl Mini without network access


I accidentaly changed the network setup of the Mini to Fixed IP with an address that is not available on our network. Now I cannot connect to the device on the network and changing the setting is disabled on it. How can I change the network setting back to DHCP or, alternatively, resetting the device to factory setting?

Thanks a lot!

Hello Greg,

Pearl devices have a recovery (persistent) IP you can use!

Persistent static IP Instructions

This requires you to change the network adapter settings of your computer. Simply connect your Pearl and computer via an Ethernet cable and change your Ethernet network adapter settings in your computer’s Network (IPv4) settings to reflect:

IP address:
Subnet mask:

Then in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) enter the default static IP of all Pearl devices:

Hi Ryan,

This is great! Thanks a lot, your instructions worked well and saved us!

Best wishes,

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