Receive a "Backend Error" as soon as I start the live stream. All help would be greatly appreciated!

With the Webcaster X2 paired to my YouTube account/channel, when I click to start, I immediately receive a message in red stating “Backend Error”. Everything appears ready to go, good video and audio from external monitor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That is a strange error, my best guesses are either a problem on YouTube servers or a problem with the device itself. If it is just the YouTube servers then the problem should resolve itself, please try again. If it is a problem with the device then a factory reset should help. To do this go to Settings -> Backup and Reset.

Are you streaming to an Event or to your Live Stream? Are you logged into YouTube and using the Live Control Room? This may provide some insight to your problem.

Thank you for your response!! I have tried to use the Live Control Room using my laptop. When doing so, it defaults to the built in camera and microphone, and I don’t see an option for the Webcaster which has been paired with my channel. I did what Adam had suggested (reset the webcaster to factory defaults) and it worked until I powered everything down (simulating real life situation), and tried again, but now I receive the “Can’t retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube” error message. It appears that I am close to getting this working, but still attempting to learn the lingo. Unfortunately, I will not be able to try again until late tomorrow or Wednesday, for the sanctuary and audio/video booth is being carpeted tomorrow. I had to break everything down and safe guard the equipment before the installers arrive. Thank you again!!!

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your response!

I did as you suggested and was able to live stream to a private folder, and then live streamed to a Public folder. All looked great and worked without issue.

I deleted the “test” private and public streams and then powered down all of the equipment. After restarting (simulating real life occurrences), everything came up as expected. When attempting another public test live stream, I am now receiving the following error “Can’t retrieve persistent broadcast from YouTube”. I saw this message in the forum Saturday night and will try to find again. Of course, any help is greatly appreciated. I am the church’s “it would be nice if we could…” guy, so I am always learning something new!!!

Thank you again, and best regards,


The “persistent broadcast” error can be caused by an uncommon bug on Youtube Stream Now. This has been reported to YouTube, it is something they will have to fix on their end. Unfortunately it isn’t something we can work around on our side.

Usually it can be resolved by temporarily setting up an Event stream and choosing that as the destination for Webcaster. After running that as a simple test, the Stream Now error is usually cleared. It will clear with time as well, but that seems to be random.

To create a Live Event on the YouTube webpage you can go here: Then click to create a new event. Then you would enter a Title, set it to Type: Custom and click Create. After you create it, select Single-use stream key. Now on the Webcaster X2 you can go under Preferences -> Publish Destination and select the Title of the event here.

Adam, Mike:
The link above takes you to the old Creator Classic. YouTube has feet in both the Creator Classic and YouTube Studio at the same time. Since I imagine the future will be in YouTube Studio, I suggest accessing the “Live Control Rooms” through your current Channel Dashboard. On the left select “Other Features”, then either “Live Events” or “Live Stream Now”.