PTZ Optics Move 4k not recognized in Pearl-2

I recently acquired an enhanced PTZ Optics camera (Move 4k) for recording lectures in a particular department. However, upon connecting it to Pearl-2 using HDMI, the camera source was not recognized. I had assumed that it would detect the 4K source and automatically downgrade it to 1080p due to a lack of purchased 4k feature, but unfortunately, it failed to recognize any signal and displayed a “no signal” message. Is there something that I might have overlooked? To troubleshoot, I directly connected the camera to a TV, and it successfully recognized the signal, displaying the camera view on the TV screen. Any help is very much appreciated.

Hello there,
Thank you for contacting us for help regarding your Pearl-2! Unfortunately, without the 4k add-on the Pearl-2 is unable to process 4k signals, even just to downscale them, so they appear as No Signal. You would need to scale them at the source, adjusting the camera settings so it is outputting no higher than 1920x1200.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!