Problem with Facebook Live Stream

Today, again, there were problems with webcaster x2 when I trying to go live. The equipment shows that I am live stream, but there is no sound and image. Viewers see the screensaver of my old video from my page on Facebook, how is this even possible ??? In short, the live broadcast from webcaster x2 was disrupted, I had to start the broadcast from my iphone. I only bought your product in August last year, paid $300 to use webcaster x2 for only half a year. This is the second time an important broadcast has been foiled. I have a question, can I return your product and return my money?IMG_5350

It looked like the photo. This is what was instead of live broadcasting.
I have no idea how this screensaver came from?

Sorry to hear you encountered a problem here, I really don’t understand what happened though unfortunately. I would recommend a factory reset of the unit, just in case it is indeed something on the Webcaster X2’s side. A factory reset can be done once you have an HDMI monitor connected to the HDMI output and a USB mouse connected. Then just go under Settings -> Backup and reset.

Sorry to say, but our online store only offers a 30 day return policy (assuming you purchased the unit here). If you purchased it somewhere else then that resellers own return policies would apply.

Thank you very much!